Enough with liberal hippy stores, enough with the hardcore know-it-all "pro-shops". Camo Corner, a classic store for the classic man.

Camo Corner Classics

Some Products We Love
The Classic Canteen

You\’ve seen them on TV, read about them in magazines, and waited in line behind them at the grocery store while they complained to the manager about damaged produce. Thats right, we\’re talking about Canteens!

Emergency Water Bottle & Filter

We love the canteen and its trusty sidekick, the stainless steel canteen cup, but sometimes you dont have time to stop and boil your water for 1-3 minutes. Thats when the Aquamira Red Line Bottle and Filter comes in.

Wise Emergency Food

Remember storing up canned goods for Y2k, or in your cellar in case of a tornado or zombie apocalypse? Remember how they were good for a year, maybe two, and then you had to go down and dump all that crap into your dog\’s food bowl so you didn\’t feel like you were wasting it? Don\’t do that. Just buy Wise food, it\’s freeze dried and it will last you for a very very very long time.

Berkey Water Systems

Remember Rocky 4? Me too, it was probably the best of the 5/6/ however many they made. That has nothing to do with water purification…but Berkey water filters can individually filter 3,000 gallons of water! That\’s nice.

What We Believe

We believe in freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the right to earn a living by the work of your own hands.

We believe in giving people a place to share their knowledge.

  • Gunsmithing

    30 Years Experience

  • Gun Range

    Open to the Public

  • Preperation

    We carry a wide variety of emergency food and water products.

  • Oklahoma's Largest Public Military Vehicle Lot

    We sell Humvee's, 5 tons, etc.

The Crew

The familiar faces of Camo Corner
Trevor Kukuk
Trevor also heads up Sales. He also does a mean Steve Zahn impression.
Gaven Harting
Sales-Gunsmith Intern
Have a question about Desert Eagles? Gaven is your man. Notorious lady\’s man.
Will Rogers
Classics Aficionado
Talk to Will if you have a question about the classics, field packs, utility belts, a 2 1/2 ton, or a hummer. Also, Will is the head of the classics theater department, if you have a question about any war movie made between 1939 – present he can help!
Dennis Feken
Dennis specializes in custom machining and color case hardening. He is trained in over 627 different martial arts and can disable a wild manatee with a single look.
Landon Rogers
The scarlet robin is endemic to Australia, where it is found near the coast from southern Queensland. The species is mostly sedentary, but some mainland populations undergo small local movements in the autumn and winter, either to more open habitats or lower elevations.
Ryan Rogers
Ryan runs the zamboni and makes a mean caddy. Stop by and talk to him if you need to catch up on the latest events. He charges $50 a day to caddy for you, available on Saturdays 12-3.


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