Gun Range

TweetNeed a place to shoot? We got you covered. For pistol/handguns we have two 25 yard bays. We have platforms for your paper targets. We prefer the Shoot n See’s, adhesive backed targets. They’re easier put up, don’t blow away as quickly and are much easier to clean up. For rifles we offer a 100[…]

Gun Rentals

TweetCamo Corner also offers gun rentals, please call 24 hours in advance to reserve guns or indicate you desire to rent the specific guns if reserving range time online. Currently we offer the following guns to rent; AK-74 AR-15 Mosin Nagant 300 Blackout Thompson sub-machine gun (semi-auto) Barrett 50 Cal M82 Other weapons are also[…]

Open Carry License/Advanced Tactical Courses

TweetCamo Corner is proud to ¬†offer training for the open carry license pursuant to the Oklahoma Self Defense Act. ¬†All of the classes are held at Camo Corner and the shooting is all done on our range! To know more about scheduling, cost, and general information please call the store and ask for Trevor, and[…]