Classic Canteen

These canteens are like new, but if you're looking for a deal and aren't picky about looks, you can select 'mildy used' from the dropdown list for a decent discount.

Product Information

What can’t you say about a canteen? We love them @ Camo Corner. In fact, we consider it a staple for every collector, hobbyist, survivalist or prepper. Are you a man? Then you should own a canteen. Are you a woman? Then you should own a canteen.

They come in all shapes & sizes, the most popular @ our store is the 1 Quart canteen, although we also sell the 2 quart.

Our 1 Qt canteens are $5.99, our 2 Qt canteens are $7.50.

For under 10 bucks you’ve just taken yourself from some poor schmuck who couldn’t find water in a rainstorm to a sophisticated gentleman who nurtures wounded baby birds back to health while surviving in style.

What’s something cool you should add on?
A canteen cup!

At Camo Corner we sell chlor-floc tablets, iodine cleaning tablets and a whole host of bottles that will filter cysts, virus and bacteria.
But at the end of the day having a canteen cup gives you the capability to clean your water by heating it; one of the most tried and true methods to get clean tasty drinking water. How hot do you need to heat water to kill all those nasty impurities? An excellent question;

  1. A water temperature of 120°F does not kill the Legionella bacteria; a minimum temperature of 140°F is required at which Legionellae dies in 32 minutes. Hence it is recommended that the water heater be set at a temperature of 140°F. The Legionella disinfection range is 158 – 176 °F. (from this website)

Not only is it tasty, but it’s stylish. fact,  by owning the accompanying canteen  cup you’ve taken yourself from the  level of a sophisticated gentleman to  a seasoned diplomat.

All jokes aside, there’s just something cool  about canteens. The world would be a better  place if we all owned one.