Product Information

20150221_125802 Camo Corner is proud to  partner with Dennis  Feken, an experienced  and extremely talented  gunsmith, to offer a wide  array of services and  improvements to  Oklahoma and  surrounding states.  Dennis has been in the  gun game for many  years now. He gained  notoriety for his work on  single shot rifles and his  scores and association  with black powder  silhouette target  shooting.

He specializes in color case hardening and blueing and also does bead blasting. Whether you have a Shiloh Sharps 45-90 or a Daniel Defense gas piston AR Dennis can help.

He can also handle caliber conversions and a host of other customizations.

He is available by appointment only for gun appraisals and consultations.

All inquiries are ran through the store first.

If you have specific questions for Dennis you can call first to make sure he’s at the store.

For questions or pricing call 580 455 2259.