Product Information

When it comes to emergency water systems, Aquamira leads the charge. You may think you’ve never heard of Aquamira but you’ve almost certainly seen their products.
They create the survival straw that has been wildly popular as of late. It’s one of their staples, and we stock it at Camo Corner.

We think it should be one of the first things to go in your survival bag.

They produce a host of other products as well, some of the most popular being the water treatment drops and the water purifier tablets.

Recently they’ve been adding an impressive amount of products to their WaterBasics section. And on that note I have to mention their extremely impressive line of water bottles, some will filter viruses, some will filter cysts and giardia, and some will filter bacteria. The Red Line Filter will do all of the above in a single filter. Very Impressive! (The Red Line Filter is our favorite here at Camo Corner)

Anyways, be sure to stop by the store and check out the Aquamira section!