Wise Food: Emergency Storage & Preparedness

Product Information

I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about emergency food, it’s pretty well understood that to survive a catastrophic event for any duration you’re going to need some backup food. It’s great for natural disasters.

It’s great for man made disasters.

It’s even great for man made disasters that were made to look like natural disasters.

When it comes to food storage; Wise is the way to go. Without going into too much detail I’m just going to throw one number at you; 25.

Wise Food is good for 25 years. Remember storing up canned goods for Y2k, or in your cellar in case of a tornado or zombie apocalypse? Remember how they were good for a year, maybe two, and then you had to go down and dump all that crap into your dog’s food bowl so you didn’t feel like you were wasting it?

Don’t do that.

Just buy Wise food, it’s freeze dried and it will last you for a very very very long time.¬†

At Camo Corner we carry a wide range of their buckets, but we’ve also started carrying their popular 1 month food supplies. They are extremely popular because of the eradication of any type of math. You don’t have to look at the 72 serving buckets and try to figure up how many people that will feed for x amount of days.

1 person

1 month

pretty simple.

Anyways, we encourage you to stock up on your emergency food, for, you know, emergencies and stuff. Oh, and just to reward you for suffering through my unprofessional commentary and dry humor I’ll give you this code and when you mention it you can get 20% off MSRP at the store,¬†here’s the code;

Genesis 6:21

Prepare your ark!

Thanks, hope to see you at the store soon!