Maxpedition in Stillwater Oklahoma

Product Information

Camo Corner has been carrying Maxpedition hard use gear for 4 years now.  A little background on Maxpedition;

A true story of the American dream, Maxpedition® is the brainchild of founder and CEO Tim Tang, who in 2003 dropped out of medical school to start his own company in his parent’s garage. Ten years (and several progressively larger warehouses) later, Maxpedition is now thriving in its own Los Angeles-based corporate and distribution compound. (From their site)

Pretty cool. We have been very pleased with the quality of the gear. While some of the brands we carry may produce bags in the 600-800 denier range, Maxpedition stitching is 1000 denier.

That’s impressive.

The stitching itself is mil-spec, which makes sense for us since we are, after all, a military surplus store. It goes beyond that, though, because we live in the age corner cutting. When you come into our store and ask for a quality product don’t be surprised to see me point you towards the Maxpedition section.

From my standpoint the only downside is that they don’t offer camouflage patters. Which is a bummer, considering once again our namesake. But I’m not one to nitpick, if camo in your 3 day bag is a must have then you’ll be happy with Condor or Five Star or even a Multicam Rothco bag. If price is no option then you most definitely must buy an Eberlestock bag. Shoot, if price is no option buy two Eberlestock bags.

On the other hand, if you’re not trying to look like a tacti-cool operator then Maxpedition should be your mainstay.

A few things to consider;

To make the best bags and packs, Maxpedition® cuts no corners.
1.) Starting with large, unseamed panels of 1000 Denier Nylon, we meticulously reinforce each stress point with composite thread. No unnecessary seams or polyester parts are used. 
2.) Next we add military grade nylon webbing for straps, handles, and modular attachment points. Genuine Duraflex® buckles and hardware add strength and functionality.
3.) We use complete YKK® zippers and slides exclusively unlike our competitors who put YKK® slides on generic zippers. 
4.) We finish our bags with a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance and add a final coat of DuPont™ Teflon® Fabric Protector to repel the elements. Only the best components and designs are used. (from their site)
If you’re not worried about denier buy Drago, or Osprey.
If you’re looking for hard use gear that’s going to stand up to the elements, buy Maxpedition.
They’re attractive bags with a lifetime warranty.
If you’re in the Stillwater Oklahoma area stop by and have a look!