The Great Argonauts Black Friday Sale in Stillwater Oklahoma

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I’ve always hated black friday sales, partly because black friday sounds like an awkward B-grade movie and partly because I hate sales, they’re too gimmicky. But I’ve also always hated the word argonaut, because it confuses me. I think somebody is saying astronaut but instead they’re talking

An Argonaut, apparently, alliteration

about sea mollusks of some sort, unless of course they’re making  a veiled reference to the Greek mythos or the etymological origins of the word. You can imagine my dismay when I begin to envision Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and then I am met with the rude awakening that this is not a conversation about man’s greatest triumph (or staged triumph, depending on who you ask) but rather a dialogue on the merits of the pelagic octopus. And yet not only have I decided to use the word argonaut in my blog, but I’ve also decided to have a black friday sale!

Note how I put an exclamation mark at the end of the word sale! I’ve found that’s a common theme in advertising.

It begins a week early and runs through christmas.

I’m calling this sale! The Great Argonauts Black Friday Sale! (beginning a week early and running through Christmas) in  Stillwater Oklahoma !!!!!

Let’s start with some special pricing on guns;

Tan Kel-tec KSG against a random wall with miscellaneous shells thrown in and a patriotic type logo in the upper right corner…..note how I could have shortened the word miscellaneous to misc but instead chose to use the full form of the word…..miscellaneous

I have a few black Kel-tec KSG’s that I’m offering for a special pricing of $699

A tan KSG for $759

A Kel-tec PF-9 in Desert Tan for $265

A handful of Marlins (336) 30-30 for $415

Special discontinued Desert Sand Howa’s chambered in 25-06, 308, 30-06 etc starting @ $399.

Springfield MA9102 Standard M1A $1285

Springfield Rang Officer Commander 45 ACP $750

Anderson Lowers for $45 (no transfer fees)

A 4″ S/S Smith & Wesson 686 for $689

A Sig Sauer P290RS 9mm EDC Extreme for  $325

Delton AR-15’s for $499

9mm UZI’s (UC-9) for $585

American Classic Government Model 1911 45ACP 5″ $500

FNS-C in 9mm for $455

Glock 42 for $400

One Glock 43 left for $450

Springfield XDs Gen in 9mm for $525

Buy a Redline Aquamira Water Bottle get an extra filter half off ($20 value)

All Eberlestock gear 20% off

All in stock Danner boots 20% off

More deals to come on Henry’s, FN’s, Springfields, Rock Islands, and Glocks, stay tuned !